Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Hot Actress Indonesian

Very reasonable Similarly, if a pose is only used as personal consumption. So what if it's a personal photo spread to the public?
Indonesian actress dared to look hot among the public as some of this photo:
  • Tika Putri photos

Photo sexy young actress Tika Putri similar circulating on the internet in 2010. Tika casually responded because it was never wearing a bikini posing in front of the camera. Tika 20-year-old admitted, women who wear the orange and black bikini in a pose that spread was not him. According to him, the photos were only modified. Movie stars 'Queen Bee' was revealed, there are people who are deliberately disturb him. He also believes that people who manipulate the photograph has also made a fake Facebook account using his name. Although Tika denied that it was him, but the photos could make a scene.
  • Photos of Julia Perez

Julia Perez did not stop to make a sensation. Following kehebohannya posed as a prospective candidate for vice-regent of Pacitan in 2010, sexy photo appears on Twitter. In the photo, Jupe middle act like a DJ. She was wearing a fairly skimpy clothing silvery, her body was clearly visible. Not only that, another photo is also in circulation. Jupe poses campaign for elections Pacitan version. In the photo, Jupe bare chest with rice fields background. Strangely, though impressive for the campaign, which is attached photograph Jupe really sexy. Jupe only wore a red cloth wrapped around the waist to the feet. As for covering the breast, it only uses hand.
  • Photos of Dewi Persik

At the end of 2010, naughty pictures pedangdut Dewi Persik circulating widely on the Internet. Dewi also admitted the photo was his. In these photos, the former wife of Jamil Saipul it seemed no clothes. Dewi looks just cover the chest hair. Owner rocking the saw was claimed that the photo was taken while he was in the make-up room in the office of the Republic of Love Management belonging to Ahmad Dhani. At that time, he was working on a video clip.
  • Photos of Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia also affected by the act of mischievous , naughty photo crowded discussed in the internet began in 2008. There are 5 pieces of photos which are taken in the studio . The fifth photo shows the sexy Sheila poses with clothing which is too minimal . Sheila seen wearing only a bra and hot pants tank motives . Sheila also claim that the original photo and not engineering . Sheila knowingly took the photo in a photo shoot a movie promo renowned production house . But somehow the story the photo can be widespread . Recently, too , Sheila naughty photos back scattered . Before his marriage to Kiki Mirano on April 29, 2011, Sheila naughty photos exposed to the issue . In one of the photo , Sheila posing with a man . The man holds the woman's hips from behind like doing sex scenes . However , both fully clothed . Meanwhile , in another photo , female alike Sheila was photographed with her ​​two friends . Pose was no less mischievous than the previous photo.
  • Photo Syahrini

Recently spread Syahrini naughty photos and her sister, Aisyahrani on the internet. In one of the photos appear Syahrini being showered with foam covering his body. Syahrini also seen posing with three men Vj Daniel is one of them. In fact, Daniel seems to hold breast Syahrini. Meanwhile, in another photo, Syahrini seen posing on the bed. She looks sexy wearing blue lingerie. Some photos also show the younger brother and manager Syahrini, Aisyahrani. In fact, Rani photo looks more bold. Rani seemed to be kissing a man on the mattress.

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