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Collection of the Prettiest and Most Popular Korean Celebrities

  • Ga-in Han

Han Ga-in (born Kim Hyun-joo on February 25, 1982) is a South Korean actress. She starred in television series Yellow Handkerchief and Terms of Endearment early in her career, and became a sought-after model in commercials. Her projects in 2012 were hugely successful, with her period drama Moon Embracing the Sun topping the TV ratings chart, and her film Architecture 101 becoming a box office hit.
As a high school student, Han Ga-in appeared on a TV quiz show and was also captured in footage of interviews with other students. Entertainment bigwigs spotted her in the news clip and immediately went to her school to offer her a part. She debuted in an Asiana Airlines commercial in 2002, and was cast in the KBS2 drama Sunshine Hunting. KBS Drama Awards named her best new actress in 2003 for Yellow Handkerchief, and best actress for Terms of Endearment in 2004.
  • Kim Tae-yeon

Kim Tae-yeon (born March 9, 1989) is a South Korean singer, TV presenter, dancer, actress and promotional model. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Girls' Generation, and she is a member of the South Korean group S.M. The Ballad. In 2012 She was ranked at #42 on The 23rd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces.
Tae-yeon has contributed to a couple of soundtracks as a solo artist, singing the theme song "Manyageh" ("만약에", "If") for the KBS2 drama Hong Gil Dong and "Deullinayo" ("들리나요", "Can You Hear Me") from the Beethoven Virus soundtrack. "If" became popular[clarification needed] on various online charts, around the same time "Baby Baby" was released, while "Deullinayo" received the YEPP Popularity award at the 2008 Golden Disk Awards.
She also sang "SarangInGulYo" ("사랑인걸요", "It is love") with Sunny for the drama Heading to the Ground, and the "S.E.O.U.L." song with members of Super Junior and Girls' Generation to promote South Korea. She also sang the song for Caribbean Bay / "Cabi" with her fellow members Jessica, Seohyun, Tiffany and Sunny with 2PM.
  • Choi Jinri

Choi Jinri (Hangul: 최진리; Hanja: 崔真理; born March 29, 1994), better known by her stage name Sulli, is a model, actress and a member of the artist group f(x) as the sub-rapper, visual, and vocalist.
Sulli accepted into S.M. Entertainment through an SM audition casting system, from there she became an SM’s trainee before become f(x) member and lived in Seoul alone without her parents. On September 1, 2009 Sulli and her group f(x) debuted with their single 'La Cha Ta'.
Sulli began acting professionally at the age of 11, when she was back selected to play young Princess Sun-hwa in the SBS television drama, The Ballad of Seo-dong. A few months later, she made a cameo appearance in Love Needs a Miracle, another SBS television drama. In 2006, she made a small supporting appearance as the childhood crush of TVXQ/JYJ's Micky Yoochun in the theatrical drama Vacation. Sulli later landed a minor role in Punch Lady and The Flower Girl is Here (2007) and also BABO (2008).
  • Bae Su Ji

Bae Su Ji (Hangul: 배수지; Hanja: 裵秀智; born October 10, 1994), commonly known by her stage name Suzy, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, actress, model and MC. She is best known for her roles as Go Hye-mi in the KBS2 TV series' Dream High, Jang Ma Ri in Big, young Yang Seo Yeon in the movie Architecture 101, and Dam Yeo Wool in the MBC TV series' Gu Family Book. She is a member of the Korean girl group miss A, which debuted under JYP Entertainment alongside with AQ Entertainment in 2010.

Top Model Japanese in the World

Who is the Japanese Model in the World?
 Japan has a reputation as a country with many beautiful models and actresses. The country is also known to be very explicit and aggressive in publishing a lot of hot photos of those beautiful models in various media such as magazines and websites. Moreover, Japanese models tend to be photographed in hot swimwear or lingerie, which in their country they are called as "Gravure Model" . The question is, who is the hottest and the most beautiful model in Japan? Indeed, it is not easy to select one model among thousands of qualified women. Based on various factors such as physical beauty, popularity, and the number of works that have been published, I tried to list ten names that could be considered the best in their field. So, who are they?
Let's take a look at photos below, and be sure to cast your vote to your favorite celebrity.
  • Ayaka Sayama
Young, beautiful, and sexy. Those are the asset of Ayaka Sayama so she deserves a place as one of the 10 sexiest models in Japan. The woman born in 1993 has been plunged in the modeling world since 2009. When she turned 18, she decided to specialize as an adult model or known as "Gravure Idol". Apparently, her decision was because in a short time she managed to get a lot of fans. So far, she has released three photo albums and eight DVDs. Her DVDs and photos are considered to be one of the best selling DVDs of a Japanese model ever.
  • Arisa Oda
As a model, Arisa Oda's name is very famous in Japan. She has a face of typical oriental woman, with tall stature that makes her to be one of the most respected internet idol in Japan. In addition, she also has G-cup bra size, which is quite spectacular for an Asian girl. Although she does not have an official English website, Arisa Oda's videos can be found very easily on the internet, and most of those videos show her in different type of photo shoots, of course with her cute and extremely tempting style. Arisa Oda is not only a perfect model, but also a great entertainer.
  • Yukie Kawamura
Pretty and cool, those are the impression when we first time see Yukie Kawamura in action. Born in 1986, Yukie Kawamura has a very different impression from most Gravure Idol in Japan. Usually, Japanese models always show the impression of cute and childish in their videos and photo albums. In the contrary, Yukie Kawamura tends to look cool and does not talk too much in front of the camera. However, this kind of behavior enhances the impression of her cool and hot aura. Indeed, this kind of thing make her to be one of Japan's most popular celebrities in 2013. What a great woman!
  • Miri Hanai
No words to describe the beauty of Miri Hanai. This Japanese model who was born in 1984 in Tokyo has already released dozens of DVDs, Photobooks, and many other downloadable digital products. This fact proves that Miri Hanai is one of the best-selling model in this country. Naturally, her beautiful face and sexiness combined together to create super hot overall impressions. One of the most famous viral video of Miri Hanai that was published on YouTube, where she was playing tennis in a bikini became one of the most famous Gravure idol videos in the world. Nowadays, Miri Hanai is also known to spread her wings to the world of acting and singing.
  • Yua Saito
This model is considered very mysterious since there is very little information available about her. Yua Saito's name began to be known in the internet world when the pictures of her was posted on 4chan forums. The members of were dazzled by her beauty and sexiness, so that they conducted extensive research to find more information about her. Finally, they arrived into a reliable source that revealed the name of this beautiful girl is Yui Saito.
One thing that makes Yui Saito to be very popular: she is tall, slim, fit, and her cute smile could melt the heart of every man. It is interesting to wait whether Yua Saito would remain to be mysterious figure in the next following years.

Indonesian Actress Top Model

In the world of entertainment, sexy and beautiful is one of the capital owned by celebrities in order to exist. Many celebrities we are very concerned about their body shape and appearance. Especially on breast problems. Not even a few celebrities who rely on ground water as the breast 'selling point' in his career. Here is a country that has a celebrity bra sizes 34-36, and maximize performance with good breast care.
Indonesia, which has the following Celebrity Chest size sexiest!
  • Nikita Mirzani
Indonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top Model
Newcomers who make a scene with the courage to appear openly in the film, direct public attention. The amount of controversy with waffle 'blindly' catapulted Mirzani name Nikita. The owner's many tattoos claimed her bra size is actually small. However, Nikita has a trick for menonjolkannya. "I'm actually only 34 A. Just because it stands out so it looks great. Though I work around this by using a push-up bra," he explained.
  • Dewi Persik
Indonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top Model
Widowhood twice, Dewi Persik, want to be more careful in finding a husband. Her first husband, Saipul Jamiell repeatedly expressed objections because Dewi Persik often appear 'open'. However, the owner of a saw rocking this seems not to care. Regardless of the Saipul, Dewi Persik bolder look sexy in his films.
Dewi Persik claimed to have a bra size of 34 B. And often highlight the sexy body with tight clothing. Just look at pictures of her when he became cat woman around the Hotel Indonesia roundabout. Tight clothing is needed, especially when rocked.
  • Jenny Cortez
Indonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top Model
As a movie player, known Jenny Cortez dared to open and sexy to date. 34 B bra size owner's confidence in its grace.
"Maybe not as big as the others. I siasati to wear a push up bra. Others wear a bra if false, my original guarantee. Nope believe? Hold it," he said. Well, want to prove it? No need lah held. Seen too, we've agreed that he was one of the sexy actress.
  • Amel Alvi
Indonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top Model
His name is probably not widely known. But this model of men's magazine FHM very confident performing minimal, both at work and everyday life. The owner of this 34C bra size was awkward when posing sexy. "I like to wear a mini dress. Trousers that gatel how so when wearing. If you wear shorts or a mini skirt with a tank top I wrote comfortable. Sometimes people there are talking about, yes plain old-old wrote," Amel said Alvi.
  • Farah Quinn
Indonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top ModelIndonesian Actress Top Model
Celebrity chef this one has exotic skins. In addition to looking good while cooking, Farah Quinn did not hesitate to look sexy in the event he attended. While appearing at a party in Batam, Farah wearing a bikini-style superhero. As a result, the owner's bra size 34 D directly into the public spotlight.
Recognized or not, although the profession chef, Farah always look neat and elegant. In one show, Farah reprimanded KPI, as it is considered 'showing off' breast. Well, having examined the personal documentation, it was denied by Farah. Difficult yes it turns out, has been closed it is still considered to be showcased.

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