Kate Summers Stratton

Erin Gray is best known for playing the assistant turned matriarch Kate Summers Stratton -- opposite Joel Higgins and Ricky Schroder -- in the hit '80s television show "Silver Spoons." Guess what she looks like now!

Corruption in Nigeria - CNN

Minister for Finance and Coordinator of the Economy Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was a guest on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS programme on Sunday where she acknowledged that there was corruption in Nigeria but said that the fight against corruption must involve every Nigerian...
"No one can fight corruption for Nigerians except Nigerians. Everyone has to be committed from the top to the bottom to fight it. In our country, we need to, coupled with – by all means pursue those who are corrupt, punish them, you know, make sure there’s no impunity.  But that has to be coupled with something which doesn’t get as much attention, which is building institutions.  It’s unglamorous; it’s work that takes time, but we have to do it.  We have to put it in place.” she said.
The Minister was also taken up by the presenter on Sanusi's suspension. He asked her why Sanusi was suspended after he discovered that monies had been siphoned from the NNPC account of which the Minister responded that Sanusi did not say monies were siphoned, he said money was unaccounted for. Full text of the Interview after the cut...

ZAKARIA:  Listen in to our conversation.  I began by asking her why the central banker was suspended for blowing the whistle.

NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA, NIGERIAN FINANCE MINISTER:  I believe that when you find problems, you should also find solutions.  I think the problem began the first time when he said that the amount that was – he never said it was stolen.  He said it was unaccounted for, was $49.8 billion.
And he wrote a letter to the president; he called me a couple of days after, to say I’ve written this letter.  And my first reaction was, that’s not possible.  We couldn’t be missing $50 billion as finance minister in this country.  We wouldn’t be able to function because that’s too high a hit.  Everybody would know it and feel it in the economy.

ZAKARIA:  There is some substantial gap.


ZAKARIA:  Right?  I mean –


ZAKARIA:  – the World Bank, I think when you were one of the managing directors, issued a report on the Nigerian economy in which it said hundreds of billions of dollars over the past 30 or 40 years have been siphoned off.  And so this would be a perfect example of precisely this kind of siphoning off.

OKONJO-IWEALA:  No.  I think we should hold our horses a little bit.  Sanusi please ask him never said the money had been siphoned off.  He said it was unaccounted for.
And hold on.  There’s a difference, because when he alleged $49.8 billion – and this was looked at, it was found that some of that money had really been remitted to the tax agency directly and his people were not aware of it.
So $16 billion was immediately accounted for that, you know, they didn’t seem to know the accounting mode of the agency, so that’s what I’m saying.
But there has been – there’s no doubt that Nigerians feel suspicious of the oil sector, that it has been regarded as opaque over the years and this is not an issue, you know, whether it’s $10.8 billion, whether it’s $1, you know, we can’t afford to lose any money from the treasury.

ZAKARIA:  But then why fire the central banker, a respected central banker?

OKOJO-IWEALA:  You know, Fareed, what I would like to do is perhaps focus on the economy, because I don’t think I want to get into this issue of firing/not firing.  He’s still governor of the central bank.  He has been suspended.  He hasn’t been fired.
But I think we need to focus on the central issue, which is no one dollar should be lost from the treasury.  Any money that belongs to it must be remitted.  That’s what we’re insisting.
And the president, we pushed for – he has ordered one yesterday, that there should be a forensic audit to determine where these moneys, that what is unaccounted for, is it the $10.8 billion that we are saying from the accounts?
We’ve been working on this for two years.
And you know, is it $50 billion?  Is it $20 billion?  Is it $12 billion?  What is the amount?  We need to know for the sake of the Nigerian people and he has ordered that.  So we want it to be independent; we want it to be well done, so that we can lay it to rest.

ZAKARIA:  So how do we – how do you solve the problem of corruption?

You’ve been in government twice.  You have a reputation for being extremely honest.
What would you do, if you had a magic wand, if you were president, what would you do to get Nigeria to get this cancer out of its system?

OKOJO-IWEALA:  Well, you know, Fareed, you know with that, there are no easy answers.  But there’s one thing I want to say and repeat.  No one can fight corruption for Nigerians except Nigerians.  Everyone has to be committed from the top to the bottom to fight it.
And I think there are two key things that need to be done all along, and it’s not just in Nigeria.  It’s in many developing countries that you need to do this.
But in our country, you need to, coupled with – by all means pursue those who are corrupt, punish them, you know, make sure there’s no impunity.  But that has to be coupled with something which doesn’t get as much attention, which is building institutions.  It’s unglamorous; it’s work that takes time, but we have to do it.  We have to put it in place.

ZAKARIA:  I have to ask you a question that is not part of directly your portfolio, but it is your government.
Nigeria has always had laws banning homosexuality.  But you advanced a further law which criminalized it so that somebody who is gay would have to spend 14 years in prison.
You also have passed – the law says that people who are in some way promoting gay clubs or gay discussion would be imprisoned for 10 years.  This seems an assault on a minority’s rights.  It also seems an assault on free speech.
Why is Nigeria doing this?

OKOJO-IWEALA:  Well, let me say this, Fareed, that, you know, we’re here in the U.S.  And it took 40 to 50 years or more under conversation of, you know, the gay community to get where the U.S. is.
I think that, you know, we need a conversation in the country.  We need evolution.  Ninety-six percent of people support these laws, but I think we need to unpack the laws, for them to see, you know, between being a gay person and between same-sex marriage because the two are compounded in people’s minds and there’s a strong sentiment against same-sex marriage, just as you had here before.
And it’s still evolving.  I think it’s a question of conversation, discussion, evolution, education and engagement over time, just as happened in this country and in Europe.  It’s not something that happened overnight.  So I would say withhold judgment and let us work on this.
ZAKARIA:  Madam Finance Minister, pleasure to have you on.

OKOJO-IWEALA:  Thank you.
ZAKARIA:  And we will be back.

DJ Paul Still Cool

Paula Deen can drop all the n-bombs she wants ... DJ Paul is still down with the celebrity chef, and says he'd love to get in the kitchen with her today.The Three 6 Mafia rapper -- slash chef and celeb caterer -- told us yesterday in NYC ... he's unfazed by the whole controversy surrounding Paula using the n-word.Paul says he was hanging out with Deen at a food festival in NYC minutes before he got arrested in 2012, and added ... "I look at Paula Deen as a mom" ... and she can holla at him anytime. But the Academy Award winner revealed the chef he wants more than a phone call from is Rachael Ray. You gotta hear his metaphor about his weenie and RR's pot ... classic. Talk about danger dogs.

Thunder From Down Under

A cast member from Thunder From Down Under -- the Las Vegas male strip group -- was hit in the face by a ricocheted bullet after the group confronted an intruder in their dressing room.According to KVVU in Las Vegas, the cast discovered a man rifling through their belongings in their locker room at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. The cast confronted the man and pushed him out of the locker room and into a courtyard. It was then, the station says, the man pulled out a gun and fired a shot in the air. The shot ricocheted off of a wall ... and hit one of the cast members in the face.Police say the victim's injury was minor and the shooter was taken into custody by police. No abs were harmed during the ordeal.

Actrice Chaud Indonésien

Très raisonnable même, si la pose est seulement utilisé comme consommation personnelle . Donc, si ce n'était la propagation de photos personnelles au public ?
Actrice chaud indonésien osé parmi les gens , voir les photos:
  • Tika Putri

Photo sexy jeune actrice Tika Putri similaire circulant sur l'Internet en 2010 . Tika négligemment répondu de ne jamais porter un bikini posant pour la caméra . Tika admis 20 ans, les femmes qui portent le bikini orange et noir en provoquant la propagation n'était pas lui . Selon lui , les photos ont été seulement modifiées. Les stars de cinéma de Queen Bee " a été révélé , il ya des gens qui essaient délibérément de le déranger . Il croit aussi que les personnes qui manipulent la photographie a également fait un faux compte Facebook en utilisant son nom . Bien que Tika a nié que c'était lui , mais les photos pourrait faire une scène.
  • Julia Perez

Julia Perez n'a pas arrêté de faire sensation . Ayant posé comme un candidat potentiel Pacitan vice régent en 2010 , photo sexy apparaît sur Twitter . Sur la photo , Julia Perez milieu agissant en tant que DJ . Elle portait une tenue argentée qui est tout à fait minime , son corps est clairement visible . Non seulement cela, une autre photo est également en circulation . Julia Perez pose pour la campagne électorale la version Pacitan . Sur la photo , Julia Perez torse nu avec paddy fond de champ. Curieusement , si impressionnant pour la campagne , qui est fixé photo Julia Perez vraiment sexy . Julia Perez juste vêtu d'un tissu rouge enroulé autour de la taille aux pieds . Comme pour couvrir la poitrine , il utilise uniquement la main .
  • Dewi Persik

À la fin de 2010, Dewi PERSIK photos coquines circulant sur Internet . Goddard a également admis que sa photo . Sur ces photos , l'ex-épouse de Jamil Saipul il semblait pas de vêtements . Dewi Persik vu couvre seulement les cheveux de la poitrine . En faisant tourner la scie propriétaire a affirmé que la photo a été prise alors qu'il était dans la salle de maquillage dans le bureau de la République de gestion amour appartenant à Ahmad Dhani . A cette époque , il a travaillé sur le clip vidéo .
  • Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia a également été influencée par les actions de vilain, vilain photo bondé abordés dans l'Internet a commencé en 2008 . Il ya 5 morceaux de photos prises en studio. La cinquième photo montre la sexy Sheila posant avec des vêtements qui sont trop maigres . Sheila vu portant seulement un soutien-gorge et pantalon chaud motif de réservoir . Sheila affirme également que la photo d'origine et non technique. Sheila accidentellement pris une photo dans une célèbre photo séance photo promo de la maison de production de films . Mais de toute façon l'histoire pourrait être élargi photo . Plus récemment , aussi, Sheila photos coquines dos dispersés . Avant son mariage avec Kiki Mirano le 29 Avril 2011 Sheila photos coquines exposés à ce problème . Dans l'une des photos , Sheila posant avec un homme . L'homme tient les hanches de la femme par derrière comme faire des scènes de sexe . Toutefois, les deux entièrement vêtu . Pendant ce temps , dans une autre photo , la femme décrit avec Sheila similaire aux deux autres . Pose n'était pas moins espiègle que la photo précédente .
  • Syahrini

Récemment répartis Syahrini photos coquines et sa sœur , Aisyahrani sur Internet . Dans l'une des photos semble Syahrini être comblé avec de la mousse recouvrant son corps . Syahrini également vu posant avec trois hommes Vj Daniel est l'un d'entre eux . En fait , Daniel semble continuer sein Syahrini . Pendant ce temps , dans une autre photo , Syahrini vu posant sur un lit . Elle a l'air sexy lingerie bleu. Quelques photos montrent également Syahrini sœur et manager, Aisyahrani . En fait , les images Rani look plus audacieux . Rani regarda embrassant un homme sur le matelas .

Kardashian Floral Play Suit

Mint Jean Style

What do you make of this styles?

Mase -- Broken Marriage

How's this for ironic -- rapper-turned-pastor Mase -- who built a lucrative church and related business partly on his secrets to a successful marriage -- secretly filed for divorce from his pastor wife.TMZ has obtained Mase's divorce filing in Georgia dated January 2nd, citing irreconcilable differences with Twyla Betha. And it sounded nasty ... Mase asked for full custody of their two kids and even wanted HER to pay HIM child support.He claims they separated August 2013 -- after 12 years of marriage.But just over a month later -- the day before Valentine's Day -- Mase inexplicably had a change of heart, filing to dismiss his divorce petition. The fiasco is priceless -- if you look at the website for Mase's El Elyon International Church in Atlanta ... the entire thing is built around his successful relationship with his wife. The two even hawk their "successful marriage" book series called "What Do You Do After I Do?"And the book description is perfect: "In this series, Mason and Twyla Betha share keys to build a marriage that will last a lifetime."Define "lifetime."We reached out to the Mase and his church ... radio silence.

Advice For A Broken Heart Heals Like Magic

Advice for a broken heart can work like magic and help to heal you provided you’re willing to listen and take the advice to heart. The primary thing is to use your common sense as you evaluate the words of wisdom given to you. Read on to find common sense words of healing that come from the heart as well as the brain. 

The feelings of loss that come with a breakup can be really intense. Healing a broken heart following the loss of a love can take quite a lot of time. Nothing quite comes close to the sadness and the despair that are felt following the dissolution of a longstanding relationship. Sometimes you are simply going to want to get back with your ex, and sometimes you are going to simply want to forget them completely. Either way, it will definitely take some time for you to handle your broken heart. Regrouping and finding a way to get your emotions in order again is vital.

Rushing into a relationship for a rebound is rarely going to work out on a long term basis. This is the reason why rebound relationships are regarded as they are. Rather than rushing into something that is only to create more heartbreak, it would be wise to settle down your feelings and take things slow for a while so you can feel better. You can date if you feel comfortable doing so, but take it slow rather than rushing into something that will cause harm more than good. Don't get serious too fast if you want to recover from your broken heart rather than allowing it to rule you.

- Pause and take the time to regroup rather than rushing into dating, or rushing into trying to find a replacement relationship. If you come off as too needy, you will appear unappealing to most people out there. Take a dating time out, instead, and allow your emotions to be settled a bit before you make any rash decisions regarding your love life.

- Talk things out. Find a close friend and sit down with them, discussing things as thoroughly as you can. Listen to their advice for a broken heart and take their input to heart. Outside parties can usually be more objective than you during occasions like these.

- Do not try to rekindle things right away. You may feel desperate to get your ex back, but if you act desperately, things will get even worse. If your plan is to get your ex back, relax and take things slow. Play it slow and casual, begin things as friends, then let things develop slowly and only if they are really meant to.

It may be fruitful to date a couple of new people first, settling your emotions and calming your neediness down. Give your ex time to think about you, and to decide what they are looking for in life.

When they see that you are doing fine and are not needy, you may begin to appear attractive to them again, which is an excellent way to slowly woo them back into your life. Just take things slow and play it cool, and if it is meant to be, it will. This is the best and most advantageous way to get your ex back, if that is your plan.

As you can see, some of the best advice for a broken heart is simply to give it time to heal and as it does you will indeed be able to move forward with your life.

Indonesian Kuuma Näyttelijä

Erittäin kohtuullinen Samoin josaiheuttaa käytetään vain henkilökohtaiseen käyttöön . Joten mitä jos se olileviämistä henkilökohtaisia ​​valokuvia yleisölle ?
Indonesian kuuma näyttelijä uskaltanut kansan keskuudessa , Katso joitakinkuvia :
  • Tika Putri

Kuva seksikäs nuori näyttelijä Tikan Putri samanlaisia ​​Internetissä kiertäviä vuonna 2010 . Tikan rennosti vastasi varten koskaan ylläänbikinit poseerata kameran . Tikan myönsi 20 vuotta, naiset, jotka käyttävätoranssi ja musta bikinit aiheuttaaleviämistä ei ollut häntä . Hänen mukaansakuvat oli vain muutettu . Filmitähdet " Queen Bee " paljastui , on olemassa ihmisiä , jotka tahallisesti häiritä häntä . Hän myös uskoo, että ihmiset , jotka manipuloivatvalokuva on myös tehnytfake Facebook-tilin avulla hänen nimensä. Vaikka Tikan kiisti, että se oli hän , muttakuvia voi tehdäkohtauksen .
  • Julia Perez

Julia Perez ei estänyt tehdätunne . Ottaa esiintyivätehdolla Pacitan varapuheenjohtaja valtionhoitaja vuonna 2010 , seksikäs kuva näkyy Twitterissä . Kuvassa , Julia Perez keskellä toimii DJ . Hänellä oli ylläänhopea porukka, joka on melko minimaalinen , sen ruumis on selvästi näkyvissä . Paitsi, että toinen kuva on myös liikkeessä . Julia Perez poseeraamaanvaalikampanjan Pacitan versio . Kuvassa , Julia Perez paljaan rinnan Paddy kentän tausta . Kummallista , vaikka vaikuttavakampanja , joka on liitetty valokuva Julia Perez todella seksikäs . Julia Perez vain ylläänpunainen vaate kiedottuvyötärön jalat. Mitä kattaarinta , se käyttää vain käsin.
  • Dewi Persik

Vuoden 2010 Dewi Persik tuhma kuvia Internetissä kiertäviä . Goddard myös myönsi, että hänen kuva . Näissä kuvissa ,entinen vaimo Jamil Saipul se tuntui ole vaatteita . Dewi Persik nähnyt kattaa vain rintakarvat . Omistaja rockingnäki väitettiin , ettäkuva on otettu , kun hän olimeikkihuoneesta toimistossa tasavallan Rakkaus Management kuuluvien Ahmad Dhani . Tuolloin hän työskentelivideoleikkeen.
  • Sheila Marcia

Sheila Marcia vaikutti myöstoimia tuhma , tuhma kuva tungosta keskustellaaninternetissä alkoi vuonna 2008 . On 5 kappaletta otettuja kuviastudiossa . Viides Kuvassaseksikäs Sheila poseeraa vaatteita, jotka ovat liian nuuka . Sheila nähnyt yllään vainrintaliivit ja hot pants säiliö motiivi . Sheila väittää myös, ettäAlkuperäisen kuvan eikä tekniikan . Sheila vahingossakuvaavalokuva ampua promo elokuvan Production House kuuluisa valokuva . Mutta jotenkintarina voitaisiin laajentaa kuva . Viime aikoina myös Sheila tuhma kuvia takaisin hajallaan . Ennen naimisiin Kiki Mirano 29. huhtikuuta 2011 Sheila tuhma kuvia alttiina tämän ongelman . Yhdessävalokuvan , Sheila poseeraamies . Mies pitäänaisen lantion takaapäin haluaisit tehdä seksikohtauksia . Kuitenkin molemmat täysin pukeutunut . Samaan aikaan toisen kuvan,nainen kuvassa myös Sheila samanlainenkaksi muuta . Pose oli yhtä ilkikurinen kuinedellinen kuva .
  • Syahrini

Viime aikoina levinnyt Syahrini tuhma kuvia ja hänen sisarensa , Aisyahrani internetissä . Yhdessävalokuvat tulevat Syahrini ollessa suihkussa vaahtopeitteen hänen ruumiinsa . Syahrini myös nähnyt poseeraa kolme miestä Vj Daniel on yksi niistä. Itse asiassa , Daniel näyttää jatkuvan rintojen Syahrini . Samaan aikaan toisen kuvan, Syahrini nähnyt poseeraa sängyllä . Hän näyttää seksikäs yllään sininen alusvaatteita . Jotkut kuvat osoittavat myös Syahrini sisko ja johtaja , Aisyahrani . Itse asiassa , Rani kuvat näyttävät rohkeampi . Rani näytti suudellamiespatja .

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