Auto Car Shopping Tips for Women

As a child, the purchase of a new car was a rare and exciting experience. Nowhere else could we crawl into a strange car with abandon and test the resiliency of the seating and push all the neat buttons within reach. We didn't buy cars often, but in the times it happened I did notice one thing: no matter where we went in our search, every salesperson was male. Not only that, my father handled most of the negotiations, despite my mother being an educated person who did know something about cars.

See Car Shows for only Newer Vehicles

Normally you will see car shows for only newer vehicles and for those that are just now coming out and that are brand new just off the production line, but not here. At many vintage car shows you will see a lot of the same car but in a different style. Events though they are the same car they still have a different look and appearance and that is what makes them what they are.

Grils : Unveiling to Bask in the Auto Expo

The car launch (actually, it was just an unveiling to bask in the Auto Expo's warmth) was a testimony to why GM is slowly heading towards bankruptcy. Promptly a dance trope started their gig. After about five minutes of irritating loud music, one could start making out that this is the hatchback version of the Aveo. Now It treally love the Chevrolet theme music, probably the only thing that I love about GM India's marketing, but I think that GM has reached the end of the road as far as the theme music's iterations are concerned.

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