Struggles to Hang on to the Auto Show

This annual event has become one of the world's premier auto shows and is now referred to as the International Auto Show. Each and every year, industry experts and excited consumers flock into the local economy during the two week event. Local hotels are usually completely sold out for the entire duration of the show. Restaurants stay busy and entertainment comes at a premium. In recent years, has been in jeopardy of losing its beloved auto show.

Exhibit to Informing Car trade Show

Most of the time, industry shows are not open to public visitors, and it is important to keep this in mind when you are designing your trade show exhibits. If you create an exhibit that caters to the general public, your display could fail miserably. At an industry event, your participation will not be about direct sales, so there is no need to waste booth space with loads of products for resale. Instead, just bring a sampling and dedicate your exhibit to informing others about your business and what you sell or what services you offer.

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