The world several motor shows

All over the world several motor shows are organized. The Geneva motor show is one of the best shows in this category. There are many cars which are really exotic, unavailable and superlative which are so gorgeous that they come under the super cars category. And in fact this show is one of the greatest auto shows of the world. Geneva participates actively in the motor shows.

Insuring Your Car Before a Show

From vintage cars to heavily customised hot rods, thousands of enthusiasts and members of the public attend car shows and meets each year, with prizes given in categories such as detail, condition, colour match and overall quality of the vehicle. Judging is usually strict, with the most points being awarded for keeping the vehicle as close to the original model as possible, any damage - no matter how small - can lead to points being deducted from your overall score, putting a damper on the hard work you've put into your vehicle.

The Racing Queen contest, Auto Body Shop

The event is open to both industry professionals and the general public interested in the various auto related events that take place during the course of the four days of the exhibition. Among the main events at the SAAS is the Auto Mechanic competition, the Racing Queen contest, the Auto Body Shop competition, the dB Drag Race and the Tuning Design Car competition. Other events held during the four-day event include the Auto Body Shop Competition, the Super Car Pavilion as well as a number of seminars and discussions.

Women Only Car Insurance Deals

Women only car insurance is becoming increasingly popular. There are several auto insurers who specialize in providing cover exclusively for female drivers. In this article we are going to look at ways that a woman driver is able to get a good deal on her next automobile policy.It's usually much easier for female drivers to get a good deal in the car insurance market than men. This is good news for ladies as it means that they generally pay less to insure their vehicles. This is for a variety of reasons.

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