Auto Salvage Association Launched car models

The region's Automobile Inspection Maintenance Association, Korea's Automotive Tuning Association and the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency also support the event. At the exhibition, visitors can expect to see a number of exhibits relating to the automobile industry including newly launched car models, fine tuned popular automobile models and other vehicles.

At least three reputable auto Show girls

Women are considered as more responsible in general life. No wonder that car insurance companies consider female as safer driver over male. Well, this isn't just assumption but this is proven fact derived from the data these companies analyze over years. Insurance companies consider themselves at lower risk while insuring a woman driver, because these drivers are less likely to get involved with accidents while driving.

Auto Enthusiasts International Car Shows

If you are going to be attending an international car show then there are so things that you will need to think about before you go. You will need to check with your family and make sure that is what they want to do. Also you will need to plan out for flight and hotel plans before you leave because there is nothing worse then getting to an event and not having any plans and not being able to find a hotel then you would be out of luck and would probably be stuck in some little room.

The Seoul Auto Salon

The Seoul Auto Salon exhibition is the biggest exhibition of its kind in Korea, featuring a number of automobiles brands and manufacturers from around the world and Korea. Taking place annually (in July of each year) the exhibition attracts a lot of attention from both the local and international media and is the focal point for promoting some of the latest car designs from Korean producers.

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