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There are many people who enjoy attending the auto shows each year as the new cars are almost ready to come out. You may be one of these people who like to walk around and see many of the new makes and models that will be offered to the public. This gives you a first glance opportunity to see the cars before they are offered to the general public. This can be kind of fun to do. You may want to attend the auto show with your family. This can be a fun family event that helps you bond and enjoy each other's company.

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International Auto Expo includes Available with the Convenience Package, which includes cruise control, leather-wrapped steering wheel and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls. On the other hand the SX4 Sport includes: TCS and ESP, auto temperature control, cruise control, leather-wrapped steering wheel and steering-wheel-mounted audio controls, premium audio with six-disc CD changer and nine speakers (including subwoofer), silver-color roof rails and SmartPass keyless entry and start system.

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Ever since the original inception of the modern auto industry, Detroit has been the world's epicenter of automotive manufacturing and design. Detroit is home to the headquarters of all three major American automakers. The industry has been extremely vital to the region's economy and culture. As we all have seen, the domestic manufacturers have been struggling with extremely low sales and turbulent economic conditions. This has hit the Detroit and the entire Midwest region extremely hard. Parts suppliers and auto plants are being routinely shuttered and workers sent home. Just as the automakers have had their share of problems, so has Detroit's auto show that typically features the biggest and best names in the industry.

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The best ways to find a good auto show is to look in your local newspaper or just hear it from around town or school. Usually if a town is having an auto show at a school it will posted at school and all around the area of the school. If the car show is just for the town then you will most likely see it in the newspaper and it will be most likely on the front page or around that area. Even though it may seem hard you should be able to find something along the lines of a good auto expo to you without trying too hard. There are all kinds of exhibitions everywhere. All you need to do is get out and go look at some of them.

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