True Muscle Car Anything Girls

Since the advent of bucket seats in cars, making out has become more difficult and less enjoyable. Cars today are tight, small and uncomfortable for any activity except driving. So if yo are an old school rock and roll romantic like me and long for the old days of watching the submarine races with your sweaty, I have compiled a list of what I think are the best make out cars of this year.

Red love for steel and roaring engines

Is it weird that I prefer the smell of burning alcohol to the finest perfumes? Is it weird that I'd rather go to a car show over a fashion show? I don't think so. I would venture to say, I'm not alone but apparently, I'm a rare breed of woman.

Vertical Doors In The Show Car

However, people are not only using vertical doors in the show car arena, your average everyday car can be seen with them (if you are in the right social-economic neighborhood, at least). Suicide Doors, Vertical Doors, and more, but regardless of what they are called, in the last few years, there has been a huge demand for these doors, particularly in the sports car arena.

Generally means water is in your system

If you see white smoke( other than on a cold day), that generally means water is in your system. This is usually a pretty bad sign. It most likely means that you have blown a head gasket and this can be very costly to repair. Do not wait to get this fixed. It could lead to your entire engine seizing up and from that there is no return.

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